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We are passionate about being active and here at FitFamz we aim to encourage other families to be active together...

About Us

About Us

I’m a mum of three who’s had an up and down relationship with food and exercise for as long as I can remember.  On top of that I’ve never been able to find anything that suited me.  All of that changed  when I signed up for a 60 day bootcamp challenge with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp (love a post session group picture ♥)

After having 3 children and putting on over 3 stone, I was very self conscious and not happy with the way I looked and most importantly the way I felt.   Alongside this, I have bad anxiety which sometimes I struggle with on a daily basis.  Things had to change so I took the plunge and entered the mad world of bootcamp training.

I must admit, it was one tough challenge!  I doubted whether I could do it at first but with support from the instructor and fellow bootcampees I smashed it.   Once I completed the challenge, the biggest change apart from the physical one was my mind set.  I no longer say I'm on a diet; I just eat healthy (sometimes) and love exercising smile

Without a doubt, training and running has helped me so much.   Having been restricted to a wheelchair during 2 of my pregnancies and being told I'd be lucky to walk with no pain (which I am).  I’ve completed half marathons and completed my first marathon in August 2019.  This one decision to start exercising has changed my life.   I feel so much better!  I still get my tough days but I know how to deal with it and know what to do to help myself.

Throughout this whole process I’ve had the support from my husband (more on him below) and my 3 children. My children have been by my side the whole way through and on occasions even come to the bootcamp sessions with me as I had no childcare.  They have both seen and felt the benefits of exercising. They now love completing park run, and will randomly do a sprints session at the beach.  This is what fuelled my desire to start FitFamz and as a result we are a much healthier and active family.

I’ve always tried to be active for as long as I can remember.  Having played football and rugby from a young age to being in the army in my early twenties.  I’ve always appreciated the benefits of physical exercise for both the body and mind. 

After dislocating a shoulder back in 2008 my contact sports days were behind me.  I took up recreational running and slowly but surely fell in love with the sport.  It’s been a love hate relationship I must admit but the overall benefits far outweigh the moods I get when I don’t run (or so Cerys tells me). 

I’ve done numerous 10ks, Half Marathons, Full marathons and Ultra Marathons.  Health and wellbeing is such a personal journey that it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something! #GetActive

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